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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Al Jazeera 4th of July video Hysterical

Click the hyperlink in the title to see the Al Jezeera video roasting America.  I found it hysterical.  Of course, they grant us the most Nobel Laureates and Olympic medals.  Then they move on to greener grass for them.
Apparently, we have more guns and drones than Yemen.
-- Uh, yeah, duh.  It called a "freedom" or "constitutionally protected right" like free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom from imprisonment without due process and other things you've read about but never seen in most of the hell holes of the Middle East.

We also hold more prisoners per capita.
-- Well, at least they have their capita when they are finished,  Of course, the justice system, while far from perfect, has provisions like due process, representation by attorney, transparent proceedings, legal appeal and challenge, moderation of the death penalty on the rare occasions it is employed against multiple killers and the the like (after decades of appeals usually), prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment and other silly things we Americans have that you have only read about and mocked.  It called the rule of law.  Maybe we have more prisoners because we do not stone them, burn them alive, hang them, behead them, or shoot them in the street the day after capture without trial like, ahem, some places do.

We are fat too
-- OUCH!  I guess you got us.

We are drug addicts.
-- Must be all that opium we import from ...  uh ... wherever it comes from.  There are places where they smoke hashish out in the street.  Must be the places where hashish got its name.

We produce porn.
-- The nations and gangs of the Middle East LIVE porn.  ISIS, aka the reconstituted Baathist Iraq, would be a haven of modest anti-porn morality.  Thank G-d there are no large movements of supported philosophies taking young girls prisoner and raping, enslaving and pimping them in your part of the world.

We are racists!  - I saved the best for last.
-- BWAHAHAHAH.  Being called racists by people who sit by and watch while large rival ethnic groups are cleansed by vicious savages, and who support nations that systematically persecute people of other religions ... I really am at a loss here.  Of course, throughout the Middle East, everyone of every race, creed, religion, and philosophy is welcomed and tolerated, no ... ENCOURAGED to express themselves.  Except the Jews ... of course. I believe by the standards of AJ  constituents, they constitute a cancer, a pox which must be eradicated ...,  I am sure others whom you support would be proud to add to the sentence.  And those pesky "DEATH TO AMERICA" rallies, and "DEATH TO THE CRUSADERS". You do realize that the crusaders are in fact dead, right?  They'd be like 1000 years old and stuff.  No one today would support the excessive brutality of the Crusaders.  Let us know in our silly little racist country here when you will condemn the excessive racist brutality of the people currently performing it in your part of the world.  I believe Americans of all races and creeds were uniformly, at least in very large percentages, DISGUSTED AND REVILED by the terrorist, racist murderer of 9 innocents in South Carolina, and his cohorts who have burned down several churches, frequented by mostly black worshipers.

Yes, according to you, HAMAS, the terrorist gang in control of Gaza, which fires rockets indiscriminately into Israeli civilian towns and then hides behind human shields, ITS OWN PEOPLE, may be a humanitarian organization to you, but I think in a contest of American vs. al Jazeera of sheer galling chutzpah and hypocrisy, we must invoke the mercy rule in favor of AJ, if mercy is something that even exists in your part of the world.  Go ahead and issue a fatwa.  Knock yourself out.  ;)


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