Thoughts on Judaism

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ron Wyatt's mythology

Ron Wyatt has been making the rounds on email rumor mills again. You may remember the late nurse turned archaeologist who found, among other things, Noah's ark, Jesus' blood, the Ark of the Covenant, chariots and human remains from the Egyptian army of the exodus, Mount Sinai, the crucifixion location, Sodom and Gemorrah, and others. You would think, with such world changing accomplishments, that the scientific world would be full of his papers, and that museums would be full of his discoveries. In fact, there is not a single one, anywhere. It seems that the scientific world is in shut mouth conspiracy, so that they do not have to admit the truth of Christianity, and they have rejected his irrefutable findings.

In fact, what early peer review is available does not seem to be impressed at all. Can you believe that they do not think that the common rocks and earthen mounds near Ararat that Wyatt displayed do not amount to proof of the Global Flood story in the Bible? Are they just in denial, or is it more sinister? And why won't anyone display even one artifact from the W.A.R. collection? It must be a conspiracy. We know how well that worked with the Dead Sea Scrolls.