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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Good Yom Tov

Mt. Sinai leaves us with some principles that anchor our emunah, apologetics for the actual occurance of events aside:

1) The entire Jewish people received the Torah together. Hence, no one has more rights to its reigns than anyone else.

2) The Sanhedrin Musmachim (Moshe) and the priesthood (Aharon and his sons) have a special place in the mix. That's all, no omniscient superhumans.

3) There were tribes but no sects. Everytime there were sects, stuff got ugly (Eigel, Korah, Meraglim, etc.)

4) The entire revelation was given to the entire Jewish people. No one had a secret knowledge that the others did not have.

5) The entire nation saw Moshe speaking to Hashem. No one had to "have faith" (read blind belief) later that Hashem had spoken to him. Hashem specifically avoided that.

6) The nations heard and they trembled. Hashem gave proof, because He, in his Wisdom, did not expect people to accept authority with mere blind adherence.

Good Yom Tov all. Let's receive the Torah that we were given.


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