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Friday, January 19, 2007

They're not cute anymore

Adin Shteinzaltz and company formed a "Sanhedrin" about 2 1/2 years back, trying to bring Moshaich closer, in the mind's eye if nothing else. They have made some quiet rulings without causing too much stir. One of their number was instrumental in the famous dud death curse on Ariel Sharon. Shayn, they were cute and little wacky, but harmless.

If the title linked article is the direction that they are headed, this Sanhedrin must be opposed by every Jew. Ruling that someone is a moser, and that they should be killed, even without a true Sanhedrin, is just scary. They even quote a Rambam (which they will be quick to tell you, we do not pasken like, if this were a kiruv shiur). While I heard nothing from them on the subject of the Neturai Karta, the nutjobs that side with Iran on the subject of wiping out Israel with nukes, they feel General Naveh is handing Jews directly into the hands of oppressors, so much that he is worthy to be killed, because he did not side 100% with settlers in every case. Of course, they do not advocate murdering the general, of course not. That is just what they said, not what they meant. Don't let anyone get the wrong idea.

Thank G-d that General Naveh has an army, and this collection of fundamentalist (keyword: mental) psychopaths does not .... yet.


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