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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Daily Rambam

In our daily Rambam, a halacha jumps out among the various laws of overcharging. In the Torah, the BDATZ sets the price and collusion, monopolies, restricting supply or violation of the price controls are punishable except in certain cases. This is called "Honyah", overcharging and it is a law in the Torah itself.

There is also a "Honyah" in words. against taunting a ger or a ba'al tshuva over his past or his lineage. And there is this:

היו חלאים ויסורים באין עליו או שהיה מקבר את בניו לא יאמר לו כדרך שאמרו חבריו לאיוב הלא יראתך כסלתך זכור נא מי הוא נקי אבד:

A person overcome by sickness or suffering or one who has buried his sons, do not say to him as the friends of Job did ... The verse means that G-d did not protect you because you were not blameless.

Did the Rambam forbid theodicy with this comment? I certainly hope so.


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