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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What's Taking Him So Long?

Is the Moshiach coming?
What's taking him so long
We are crying,laughing, humming
We have tried to sing a song.

We have written mounds of drasha
We unfurled a yellow flag
We have punished every rasha
We've rejected every (insert epithet for homosexual)

We have eaten only yashan
We have shechted only chasidish
Chanukiyas like melech Bashan
Our kids learn only yiddish

We have danced around a bima
We have walked in a parade
We have called from here to Lima
Our music's only Jewish played

Our clothes are black as midnight
Our shirts as white as snow
We have studied shas by moonlight
Our hats are creased just so.

Our cholent's hot and steamy
Our kugel's very sweet
Our stories are long and dreamy
We've m'kareved the elite.

We've followed every hidur
We've carried all the bricks
We've davened slowly in the sidur
We've made kidush before six

We've prepared the rooms and hallways
We've yelled full heart and soul
Yechi HaMelech always
Unbelievers to She'ol

We wear the finest sheitel
We are extremely tznius
In our town, it might be fatal
To wear skirts above the knee'es.

Through our sefer we are thumbing
We are singing still the song
WE are ready for his coming.
What's taking HIM so long?


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