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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sanhedrin - OK?

A bunch of alter talmidei chachamim get together and form a Sanhedrin in Israel. They present some reasonable hashkafas and some typical chredi fuming. For example of the latter, see point 3 on their condemnation of the Gay Parade in November:

We are calling on the Israeli Police Force not to provide a permit to this parade, to avoid violence. The manpower the police will invest to validate the parade, together with additional security, will paralyze thwarting attacks. If the parade will not be canceled, there will be a great need to create an investigation committee to investigate the attacks and violence. The results will pale in comparison to the Lebanon War II.

For example of the former see my previous post.

On the subject of General Naveh, they seem torn between a reasonable pleading and threat. They grant that Naveh is a prosettlements guy. OTOH, they disqualify that and threaten him, albeit very cagily, for allowing even one settler in a temporary trailer to be prevented from returning, even implying that, given druthers, the court might have sentenced him to death, "theoretically". Indictments don't make them look good or reputable. One of the prime movers has already been taken to task by the Israeli courts.

So they are reasonable radicals, is that it? On the one hand, they take a rationalist approach to hashkafa, confounding today's yeshiva's. While they stick to some wobbly apologetics, they clearly mean to soften the literalist hashakafas that we have seen. The very fact that they have brought back smicha, in the original sense, and formed a Sanhedrin, implies that they reject the mythical superman interpretation of the ancient sages, and they feel that they, and the people that they elect, are capable of reaching a similar level. So much for Daas Torah, yeridas haDoros, emunas tzaddikim, and the rest of today's Jewish Catholicism. Shteinsaltz is Rabbi Shimon HaTzadik. I can't say that I am disappointed, but it is shocking. The rebel court.

OTOH, they are pushing the same radical political line that is typical of the funadamentalist right wing. It clings to the unreasonable vision of the future of the state, the one that sees the Palestinians driven out to the last person. (I do not object to the morality of it so much as the practicality. It is never going to happen and condemning Israel to eternal war until it does is just ludicrous.) On the Gay Parade, they intimate that they condone violence, that the parade is just cause for the violence against the parade that will follow inevitably. Again, this says nothing about the morality of the parade itself.

So are they fundy wing nuts, or are they rationalist rebels? Or are they BOTH????!!!!


  • I was not as impressed with their disavowal of traditional hashkafic interpretations (i.e. talmud can have mistakes) because I skeptically saw it as a self-aggrandizing ploy. As in : You need us, the new sanhedrin, because the old one made mistakes.

    I would like to see teshuvos by those rabbonim stating the same thing before they began this project.

    By Anonymous onionsoupmix, at 11:12 PM  

  • I tend to agree with Onionsoupmix
    I don't know however if she will agree with me.
    I think they are a bunch of irreverant, up to no good bunch, and cheap ego tripper.
    The signature of Steinsaltz does not make them any better. It just reveals him in the full glory of his megalomania.

    By Anonymous Ben Remaliahu, at 8:27 PM  

  • ya but frist off all on their level maybe they erred the lubavich rebbe (melech hamoshiach)said if beis din makes a proclomation torah follow even if its not right in like 1999 the bis din made a proclomation stateing the rebbe as moshiach even thoo hes not with us phisiclly but torah follos

    By Anonymous mendy, at 3:01 PM  

  • They are dangerous and crazy. They went to Rav Eliyahu Sliverman to join. He said that Rav Elyahiv said no to the whole business.
    I just dont get it. Is not a talmid chacham supposed to know every halacha in Shas? --Like the gemara says who is a talmid chacham? one who when asked any halacha in any place knows it.
    I can barelly rember what i ate for breakfast. Those people remember everything single halacha?
    I mean I know one of them. He gets disability in Israel for being a certified schizophrenic. I kid you not.--Ok I am probably worse-but i dont set myself up to judge dinai nefashot.--to hand out the death penalty--to a general in IDF?!!!

    By Blogger me, at 2:15 PM  

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