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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Chabad Rebbe in Challenge

The Chabad Rebbe zt"l (there are people trying to file out their computer monitors as we speak) had been a particular advocate of young earth creationism, Charedi literalism et al. His views are a target of note, because of his obvious prominence and scholarship. In this letter linked to the title of this post via Shmarya the CR goes for some simple "scientific method" and theory discussion. His arguments are examined by a non-Chabad affiliated physicist. As I have said before, we are picking on the Chabad Rebbe because of his stature and ability to represent Torah views and his adherence to literalism and the mystical approach, but there are millions in the Torah world who espouse the same concepts. (I am not interested in bashing this one or that one.)

Also note, the website and possibly the author of the article have some fundamental biases. Let's concentrate on the arguments, however.


  • By the grace of G-d
    Shalom uBrocha!
    Hear ye, hear ye!
    All Chassidim of Yudel and all Yidn! A House divided against itself cannot stand! And neither can a house confused to the core reach true peace and understanding and tolerance:
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    The problem we are facing and the solution to it.

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  • To Modern Orthodox Jews (in particular those who are practicing scientists, even better yoffi, those who are evolutionary biologists)--the thread Rebbe Refuted could use the participation of Orthodox Jews who are culturally convesant and comfortable with the "game" of modern science. As a secular Jew who has a nephew who is considering making a lateral move from Conservadox to Orthoservative I would welcome your comments on the website Shmarya has linked to--from what I can tell this is a fairly traditionalist, "orthodox" neo-Darwinist archive/blog. The author approvingly brought forward by Shmarya not only takes after the Rebbe, but, briefly noted by Shmarya, published efforts by AOJS authors to put forward a Torah u'meddah rationalization between Torah and science. My impression is that not only does this author believe that "Darwinism" is one structure of endeavor and religious faith another structure but that a thoroughly materialistic and atheistic Darwinism is a template for science as the sole and paradigmatic structure of rational inquiry. I think constructive comments from AOJS-types would be very helpful.

    Paul Freedman
    Falls Church, VA

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