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Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Mother's dream

My Dream

At 6 AM the bell went off
calling me from my sleep
I fought and strove for half and hour
to keep my slumber deep

At 6:45 I was resolved
I gave up on my dream
I rolled myself right out of bed
To take one for the team

At 7 it was time to tell
the kiddies the bad news
The snow did not impress the school
put on your rubber shoes

"I can't find my shoes and socks!"
"I can't find my book!"
"I can't find my pants and shirt."
Did they ever think to LOOK?!

Feed 'em pack 'em pile em in
its minutes after 8
No telling what they'll do to those
who come 5 minutes late

I'm sick, I'll barf yells chayim'kl
If I must go in that car
Tell them to move the school to here
It's really much too far

Away we go, right through the snow
our tires spin and spray
We slip, we slide and sideways glide
at last we're under way.

"I forgot my bookbag"
yells Moishe from his seat
"Sara'le keeps touching me"
"There's nothing I can eat!"

We're stuck behind a snowplow.
We're stuck behind a wreck.
We're at the reddest stop light
That truck just covered us in dr***.

Pull in, park and pile out
and don't forget your lunch.
"And don't forget the baby!"
who just landed with a crunch

Go Moishe, Go Chayim'kl
go Sara'le and kayla
On Yossi, on Gavi
On Chana and Bayla

Now its back, the way I came
the slushy mushy street
Finally home, I see the goo
that's now stuck to the seat.

I jump, I yell, I'm free at last
They won't be back for hours
I'll learn to play the violin
I'll plant some indoor flowers.

I'll clean the house, I'll call my aunt
I'll take a writing class
I'll finally clean the shower
Why, I'll even do the glass!

As I enter my front door.
I hear the primal call
There it is enticing me
as it did all fall

I follow its alluring sound
its lovely siren song
Curses, its almost 9 AM
this day's been much too long.

I climb the stairs so slowly
A yawn consumes me whole
My sheets and blankets welcome me
My dream entraps my soul.

My dream is of tomorrow
The day I'll run and play
The day that I'll do all that stuff
That I didn't do today.


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