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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Chicken Soup for the Blogger's Soul

I should be learning
I should be jogging
But I just sit here
unhealthily blogging

Tis I who wants it
Tis I who needs it
I often wonder
who even reads it

So I went to
the naturopath
he said to take
a nice warm bath

Next to the homeopath
with wisdom infinite
He gave me a pill
with nothing in it

After that
to The OMD,
for an herbal tea
with bubbling chi

The acupuncturist
was next to pass
He stuck a needle
in my elbow, near the first arm meridian

Next to go
was the wise po-wa
he scratched my back
with a grizzly's claw

Reiki, ayurveda
energy of asia
ginger root, ginseng
and echinacea

I tried
the chiropractors cracks
algae weed
with soaking flax

I still feel
slower than a dog
I might as well
just sit and blog.


  • Tis I who wants it
    Tis I who needs it
    I often wonder
    who even reads it

    others with the same affliction, I imagine.

    Cheer up, blogging is not a malady, in fact it's becoming a national pastime. As soon as it replaces baseball in popularity, we'll call it a sport. Then you can stretch beforehand, shower after, and brag about your exploits to your out of shape freinds.

    By Blogger Ben Avuyah, at 1:30 AM  

  • I see you've started rhyming...

    By Blogger Balabusta in Blue Jeans, at 1:17 AM  

  • The weather's bad in "Enclave Nu"
    I'm feeling even lower.
    I tried a nap, acetominophin,
    I even took a shower.

    I cough, I shudder and I shake
    my voice I cannot find.
    I know- I'll go read Rebel Jew
    and see what's on his mind.

    But what is this- is it Dr. Seuss,
    Shakespeare, Frost, Longfellow?
    (It couldn't be Kerouac-
    it's much, much, much too mellow).

    It's Rebel's new persona-
    he's quite a gifted poet.
    It's a shame that up 'til now
    we never even knowed it.

    I'll check in now for verses, odes
    on Torah and Gemarra
    I wonder what's in store for us
    the day after tomorra.

    By Anonymous just another beat poet, at 3:06 PM  

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