Thoughts on Judaism

Monday, March 27, 2006

Pesach in the desert

As I go through the annual ritual of Pesach cleaning, I begin to wonder about some things:

1) How much aluminum foil did the Yidden use in the desert?
2) Did they all carry along a Pesach kitchen, along with their regular kitchen?
3) Did anyone eat together with anyone else, or did they only trust their own kashrus?
4) How much plastic did they carry with them for every exposed surface, double covered?
5) How many utensils did they carry with them in the desert, so that when one fell to the ground, they always had enough to replace it? Did it hover in the air, a miracle perhaps?
6) How much per pound did they pay for shmurah matza?
7) Did they open the door for Eliyahu Hanavi, even though he hadn't been born yet?
8) Did they peel everything, seeing as in my house, a team of three is working almost constantly to maintain this standard for far fewer people than they had?
9) Did anyone's matza or matza crumbs ever get wet, and what happened to them if it did?
10) How many stores did the average person in the desert have to visit on Pesach?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Golden Calf

This is not an official post since it is a repost, but it certainly bears repeating.