Thoughts on Judaism

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not again

OMG not again.  Remember when Congress was honorable?  (Me neither.)  I can't take this.  It is becoming untenable and embarrassing to associated with fundamentalists.  Move over Maxine Waters.  You are the dumbest any more.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Big Bird Crashing?

The press has been gathering all the monsters from the block to protest the Republican plan that calls for the cancellation of federal funding to PBS, which is distributed from borrowed money.  Big Bird has been an iconic television character for over 40 years, and could easily be popular for 40 more.  The Republicans miss another golden opportunity to articulate the obvious.

Big Bird does not need the federal government.  His favorability, likability, popularity with youth all make him far more likely to be kept on the Survivor island than Obama or Romney.  But that is just the point!  Big Bird makes millions on merchandising, lunchboxes, t-shirts, halloween costumes, slippers, toys, you name it, they sell it with his image on it.  Likely, he, Elmo and Cookie Monster are the most popular television characters in the history of the medium.  SO WHY DO THEY NEED SUBSIDIES???!!!!  Aren't the Dems in favor of cutting entitlements for rich people?  Who is richer than these three uber-stars?  And their monster friends cannot be far behind!  43 years at the top of the charts and they need government funding?  Sorry you bunch of furry 1%-ers!  The chuckwagon is over.  I can no longer support your lifestyles with my taxes or credit.  That is the message that we need to hear.  Is anybody ever home at the RNC?